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 Construction 2





 This piece was comissioned by Marlan Construction of Lawrence who have made their new headquarters in the old Zimmerman Steel  building at 701 E. 19th.  They wanted a piece which would embody the history of the two business and the building.  We decided on the theme "construction," as both businesses were involved in the construction trades.


The following five pieces represent a new direction for me.  It's a series of, so far, 7 sculptures which are essentially line drawings of the human figure realized in steel.


leaping rebecca web 

Leaping nude


Magical Morgan web


 Magical Morgan


Leaning nude web


Leaning nude



Mr. Morgan


Mr. Morgan



Kneeling Rebecca web


Kneeling Nude


Those following represent earlier work.









Talisman 003




Collaboration with Ardys Ramberg





"Jump Ball"



1st sculpture






2nd sculpture


"Untitled, 2010"



3rd sculpture


"Spike"  2010



4th sculpture


"Dead Tree"



5th sculpture





6th sculpture


"Skaters' Waltz"








7th sculpture


"Woman with Sword"



8th sculpture


"Watcher"  (One of three house guardians)



9th sculpture


"Voice"  (One of three house guardians)



10th sculpture


"Listener"  (One of three house guardians)



11th sculpture


"Miss September"



12th sculpture


"Miss March"




"A Tall One for George"

Collaboration with Ardys Ramberg



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